Hook & Albert

Colored Loafer Tassels - Black

The Loafer Tassel is a modern take on how to bring just that little extra bit of style and luxury to your penny loafers. Try our metallic collection for a formal or semi-formal occasion. Color match with our assortment of browns and tans, or kick it up a notch with our brighter shades. Whether you go for the sock-less look (with loafer liners, of course) or not, these fun accessories are sure to add that extra bit of sartorial expression to your look that you've come to expect from HOOK & ALBERT. 

  • Disk is the size of a penny and fits into most penny loafers the same way you would slide a penny into them
  • You are free to manipulate the leather knot to ensure the tassels lay flat against the shoe
  • Leather will soften with wear


  • Metal branded Cole Haan / HOOK & ALBERT disk
  • Hand-made genuine leather tassels
  • US shipping: $5, free shipping above $60.
  • International shipping from $19.95.
  • 30-day return policy.
  • 5 year warranty.

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