The Garment Weekender: My size is “Big & Tall”. Will your Weekender bag still work for me? Will my shoes fit in the shoe compartments? Do you have plans to make a larger Weekender bag?

Currently the Weekender comfortably accommodates up to a size 46R. Although they only come in one size, We do have a few recommendations that have worked well for some of our customers who are larger-than-average.

  • LENGTH: Longer lengths can be accommodated by not using a hanger inside the suit compartment. This gives you a few more inches of room above the shoulders.
  • WIDTH: If you *very carefully* fold in the arms of your suit, pressing them out as smooth and as flat as possible, your suit will actually fit in the Weekender bag before zipping up the suit compartment. Just make sure it is as flat and as smooth as possible to minimize any creasing.
  • SHOES: If your shoes don't fit in the shoe compartments, we recommend using those compartments for other smaller personal items and placing your shoes in the center compartment instead. It's really just a matter of rearranging where you store which items within the bag.