Interchangeable Formal Cufflinks



Congratulations! You've found your new favorite pair of cufflinks. And these bad boys come with a twist (literally). Introducing HOOK & ALBERTs collection of interchangeable cufflinks. Each set comes with a single pair of cufflink hardware and three unique and colorful alligator insert pairs. Whether traveling, or just in the mood for a change, you are never stuck with only one option with these armor sets. 

And did we mention that the disks also work with our Lapel Armor?

 Each set includes:

  • One cufflink hardware piece
  • Three pairs of colored alligator interchangeable discs
  • Packed in an elegant giftable or storage box  


  • Brass hardware
  • 100% alligator disks

To change disks:

  1. Unscrew the top ring
  2. Remove disk insert and replace with alternate disk insert
  3. Screw on top ring

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